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Our Clan MacLeod Society, like others around the world, is dedicated to celebrating, promoting and preserving the heritage of Clan MacLeod.

This site has been created for your information and enjoyment.

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Clan MacLeod Society of Australia

(South Australia) Incorporated

MacLeod Week 60th Anniversary Celebrations

12 to 20 August 2017

The 18th Clan MacLeod Parliament 2018

Clan MacLeod invites you to the gathering of the MacLeods which is held every four years at Dunvegan, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Full details at Clan MacLeod Parliament.

Photos of 60th Anniversary Events

Afternoon Tea at the Mortlock Library  12 August 2017       Gallery

Tour of Clipper Ship - City Of Adelaide  16 August 2017     Gallery

Tour of Clipper Ship Lunch  16 August 2017                       Gallery

Clan MacLeod/Port Adelaide Caledonian Society

Piping Competition 19 August 2017                                    Gallery

60th Anniversary Celebration Clan Luncheon  

20 August 2017                                                                   Gallery

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